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Key Facts

The village of São Martinho do Porto, has two main areas: one has grown around it’s beautiful shell shaped bay, and the other is situated around the main Catholic church with more traditional buildings. In 2011, when the last census was taken, there was a population of 2,868.

The bay is protected from the Atlantic Ocean by rocky cliffs, offering only a few hundred metres entrance, where the ocean flows into it. This provides calm waters by the long sandy beach front, making it ideal for families of all ages.

There is a campsite ‘Baía Azul Campsite’, situated approx 50 metres from the beach. There are also plenty of restaurants (many specialising in local sea food), bars, shops and cafes throughout the village.

São Martinho do Porto is located within the council (freguesia ) of the Alcobaça Municipality, in Oeste Subregion of Portugal, and is centrally positioned along the coastal side of the Silver Coast. Using the motorway (A8), it takes just over an hour from Lisbon Airport to drive there. There is also a bus service from Lisboa Sete Rios (approx ½ hour bus ride from Lisbon Airport) to Sao Martinho do Porto which takes around 1 ½ hours.


The earliest mention of São Martinho do Porto, in historical times, is in a letter written by Friar Estevão Martins, 12th abbot of the Monastery of Alcobaça.  In 1257.

It became a renowned seaside resort for the nobility from the 19th century and was nicknamed the ‘bidet of the marquees’.

The main attractions focus around the bay, where you’ll find floating displays at various festas (festivals), opportunities to swim, sail and canoe or of course, just relaxing on the beach.

There is a large supermarket where you can purchase everything you might need, as well as several smaller shops offering a wide range of produce.

The local schools offer education for 1st, 2nd  and 3rd cycle (Ciclo) which cover the mandatory ages 6 – 18.

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