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Lourinhã is a municipality on the Silver Coast area of the district of Lisbon. When the last census was taken, in 2011, the population was recorded as 25,735 with 8,800 people living in the town of Lourinhã itself.

The Lourinhã area of the Silver Coast depended mostly on agriculture and fishing, although tourism is increasing in the area due to the 12 kilometres of coastline and significant dinosaur findings in the area.

Lourinhã is also known as one of the few brandy making areas that has received appellation status.

There are 8 freguesias in the municipality of Lourinhã:

  • Lourinhã e Atalaia
  • Miragaia e Marteleira
  • Moita dos Ferreiros
  • Reguengo Grande
  • Ribamar
  • Santa Bárbara
  • São Bartolomeu dos Galegos e Moledo
  • Vimeiro

Lourinhã has records of habitants from the Roman times due to a villa being discovered there, however, the area gained greater recognition when King Afonso Henriques granted a French knight called Jordan, the rights of the area following his successful part in the Siege of Lisbon in 1147. The name Lourinhã may have come from Jordan, as he was originally from the Loire region in France.

Things to see in and around the Lourinhã region include:

  • Santa Maria do Castelo Church, on top of a hill with views of Lourinhã and the surrounding areas
  • Museu da Lourinhã (Museum of Lourinhã) featuring details of the dinosaurs found in the region.
  • Dino Parque Lourinhã: A recently opened (2018) dinosaur park covering 2.5 kilometres
  • Dinokart : Go-Kart racing track approx 5 kilometres North of Louinhã
  • Several popular Silver Coast beaches including Praia da Peralta and Praia da Malhada

There are many sports and activity opportunities in and around Lourinha.

There is the Dinokart go-kart racing track which is just on the outskirts of the town itself.

The beach areas offer opportunities for surfing, wind surfing, body boarding, kite surfing and a variety of water sports.  You can rent equipment that may be needed and also sign up for lessons at varying levels depending on your expertise or lack thereof.

go kart track

Just to the North of Lourinhã, on the N247, you’ll find 3 large Supermarkets where you can buy all the usual items. In Lourinhã town itself, you’ll find more individually owned shops from clothing to food items, and of course, several cafes and restaurants which is the norm in Portugal. There are also banks, pharmacies, hairdressers and lawyers.

There are several ‘Jardim de Infância’ (3-6 years) and ‘Escola Básica’ (6-10 years) in the Lourinhã area. These then lead into the larger schools catering for the 11-18 age bracket.

Lourinhã has 12 km of coastline with several popular beaches.

  • Praia de Areal
  • Praia da Areia Branca
  • Praia do Caniçal
  • Praia de Paimogo
  • Praia de Vale Frades
  • Praia de Porto das Barcas
  • Praia da Peralta
view of beach and cliffs

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